Our high quality Threads are all used throughout the leisure and marine industry. The harshness of the marine environment requires exposed materials, particularly stitching thread, to be of especially high specification.
1. Our threads are made from high strength continuous filament polyester, this providing abrasion resistance and natural strength along with protection from micro-organisms and mildew.

2. They are Bonded, meaning they are treated with liquid resin then lubricated, adding further strength and preventing fraying of cut ends.
3. They are UV stabilised, offering super protection from sun damage.

V69 (No 36) Polyester Marine Threads should be used with size 90/110 needles.

Sold on small 1 ounce cones they are suitable for most domestic sewing machines.
Special shipping rates apply for deliveries to:
Highlands, Islands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Europe and the Rest of the World

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