Our Open Ended and Continuous Zips are proven products that have been used over many years for marine, leisure and other harsh, exterior environments.
The Open Ended Zips are a strong No10 moulded plastic design, good in UV, and have metal double pullers. Used for many applications including Covers, Tents and Marquees, these allow two pieces material to come completely apart and then zipped back together (Like a Jacket Zip).
They are available in four different colours and a wide variety of set lengths.
We stock the Open Ended Zips up to a size of 10' (305cm), if you would like a size larger than this then please contact us.
Our Continuous Zipping is the same excellent quality as the Open Ended Zips and means that you can create a closed Zip of exactly the length required.
Special shipping rates apply for deliveries to:
Highlands, Islands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Europe and the Rest of the World

Please contact us for a quotation