Turnbuttons (also known as Commonsense Fasteners) are a well-known and easy-to-use canopy or cover fastening.

Use the Eyelet as a template and mark the fabric for the main hole and slots for the pins. Cut the fabric and push the pins through. Secure the washer by bending the pins over - this assembly is then located over the Turnbutton itself which is usually connected to solid surface. A quick turn completes the closure.

Turnbuttons and Eyelets are made from Nickel Plated Brass.
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Turnbutton - Eyelet and Washer
The Turnbutton Eyelet and Washer is fitted to fabric to create the hole which the Turnbutton fits.
Overall Size: 26mm x 20mm
Pack of 10
£ 3.85
Turnbutton - Two Hole Base
This Turnbutton Base is fitted to a hard surface with 2 screws (not included) creating a solid base fixing.
Height: 18mm
Distance between screw holes: 22mm
Pack of 10
Use our No 6 Stainless Screws 
£ 5.25
Turnbutton - Screw Thread Standard
The Turnbutton Screw Thread can be screwed directly in to a hard surface creating a solid Turnbutton fixing.
Screw Length: 15mm (5/8") 
Pack of 5
£ 6.55
Turnbutton 2 Hole Base - Double Height
This Turnbutton Base accepts 2 Standard Turnbutton Eyelet and Washers rather than just the one (Screws not included)
Height: 21mm
Distance between screw holes: 22mm

Pack of 10
Use our No 6 Stainless Screws
£ 6.30
Turnbutton Cloth- to-Cloth (incl Clinch Plate)
This Turnbutton allows you to connect from cloth to cloth rather than cloth to hard surface.
Pack of 5
£ 3.99