Canopy and Bimini Fittings

Used for constructing a canopy or bimini frame, Acorncanvas Canopy Fittings are made of Marine Grade Type 316 Stainless Steel and are mirror-polished for a super-look finish. The excellent quality control during manufacture means these products continue to be the norm in the marine trade both here and in the USA.
The Cast End Plug and Cast Clamps are held in position with a grub screw (supplied) whilst the Cast Hinged Split Clamp has a separate tightening bolt as well as the "take off" point.
Wise Words:
When the canopy frame is set in it's final position it may be better to remove the grub screws one at a time from the end plugs and clamps and replace them with rivets. This can make the whole frame more stable and secure.
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Cast Deck Fitting (Standard)
These Cast Deck Fittings are used as a solid base for a canopy or bimini.
Use Stainless Steel No 8 Screws to fix these Cast Deck Fittings and set the angle of the "take off" before final tightening.
Size of Base: 67mm x 25mm
Height: 25mm (Full Height: 47mm)
Distance Between Screw Holes: 50mm
£ 13.13
Cast Clamp - 25mm (1") Tube
These Cast Clamps slide on to a canopy or bimini frame and are held in place by a grub screw.
£ 8.35
Cast Hinged Split Clamp 25mm (1") Tube
These Cast Hinged Split Clamps can be opened and then they fit over a canopy or bimini frame. They are fixed in to place by a tightening bolt which is alongside the "Take Off" point.
£ 15.70
Cast End Cap - 25mm (1" ) Tube
These Cast End Caps fit over the end of a 1" (25mm) tube and are fixed in to place with a grub screw.
Overall Height: 57mm
£ 7.51