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Cast Deck Fitting (Standard)
These Cast Deck Fittings are used as a solid base for a canopy or bimini.
Use Stainless Steel No 8 Screws to fix these Cast Deck Fittings and set the angle of the "take off" before final tightening.
Size of Base: 67mm x 25mm
Height: 25mm (Full Height: 47mm)
Distance Between Screw Holes: 50mm
£ 13.13
Cast Clamp - 25mm (1") Tube
These Cast Clamps slide on to a canopy or bimini frame and are held in place by a grub screw.
£ 8.35
Cast Hinged Split Clamp 25mm (1") Tube
These Cast Hinged Split Clamps can be opened and then they fit over a canopy or bimini frame. They are fixed in to place by a tightening bolt which is alongside the "Take Off" point.
£ 15.70
Cast End Cap - 25mm (1" ) Tube
These Cast End Caps fit over the end of a 1" (25mm) tube and are fixed in to place with a grub screw.
Overall Height: 57mm
£ 7.51