Tenax Fastenings have been used in the marine industry for over 70 years and provide a secure and convenient fixing for canopies and covers.  

The Tenax "system" comprises a BUTTON and LOCKING NUT which form the cloth side and PEGS which are fixed to the hard surface.
There is also an option to have a PEG on the cloth as well to form a "Cloth to Cloth" fastening.
A special Key is needed for the Locking Nuts and Locking Collar which is included in the Packs of 5 - it can be bought separately if the original is lost.
Tenax Fastenings are made from Nickel Plated Brass.
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Highlands, Islands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Europe and the Rest of the World

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Tenax Button, Locking Nut & Key
The Tenax Button and Locking Nut screw together using the key with the material sandwiched in between. This creates the top half of the Tenax Fastening.
Button Diameter: 20mm
Overall Button Height: 15mm
This pack includes the Tenax Key
Pack of 5
£ 13.77
Tenax Screw Peg Standard
This Tenax Screw Peg screws directly in to a hard surface creating a solid base for the Button to attach to.
Screw Length: 12mm
Overall Length: 25mm
Pack of 5
£ 3.32
Tenax Peg Two Hole Base
This Tenax Two Hole Base Peg is fitted to a hard surface with 2 screws (not included) creating a solid base fixing.
Height: 10mm
Distance between screw holes: 15mm
Pack of 5
Use our No 6 Stainless Screws
£ 3.57
Tenax Cloth to Cloth Peg, Locking Nut & Key
This Tenax Cloth to Cloth Peg and Locking Nut fits with the Button and enables you to make a cloth to cloth fastening.
Peg Diameter: 20mm
Overall Peg Height: 15mm
This pack includes the Tenax Key
Pack of 5
£ 6.07
Tenax Key Only
This Tenax Key helps screw together the Button and Locking Nut and also the Cloth to Cloth Peg and locking Nut.
£ 1.00